Facets of ‘Nature’ in 21 Days Lockdown- COVID19

The title describes in itself that amid novel coronavirus (COVID19) we are witnessing dreadful circumstances which we have never even thought of. Is it may be we have stopped taking care about Nature!! and has led to the situation where we are facing numerous losses day by day.It has been realized that one should always have his or her eyes open towards nature, the highest level of negligence has been given to this term Nature‘, we humans always think that we are born to bring a revolution in this world and are unknowingly distressing the motherland. No, you are born to be a part of the it and meant to improvise it as much as you can instead of demolishing it, which we are doing in some ways or the other every single day.

As we all know that COVID19 has caused many lives and completely worsen the worldwide economy but on the other hand, its very evident that there are few things which we have surpassed in busy scheduled lives.

”Nature(humans) is killing Nature( flora& fauna) and vise versa” In this fear we are indirectly saving the left over nature by not getting involved in it for at least few days, due to this ’21 day lockdown’.

In our daily busy lives we are moving ahead in a thought of caring about only ourselves which has made us really reckless on the other hand, nature is getting hidden under the shabby blankets of different layers of pollution and other human interventions be it killing animals and spreading air, water and noise pollution and never ending list continues…… Let me share some real life effects amid 21 days Lockdown.

We have saved lakhs of litres of fuel ( Petrol/ Diesel) while we aren’t out for a ride. The skies seem clearer.We have temporarily paused the generation of air pollution and smog clouds up there..We have slept few extra hours and woke up without worrying about busy schedules, except who are doing work from home. OHH, let’s not forget the mini panic attacks we get due to early morning alarms.We actually are spending quality time with our families. We have become self conscious about cleanliness, hygiene & probably have time to recollect long forgotten hobbies.The annoying honking noise have been replaced with chirping of birds. Trees waving and leaves are rattling.

Alas!! Countless loss of lives have been occurred which gives and unwanted threat to the citizens in many parts of the world. However, this has made everyone realize the value of a single life. Some of the Grandeurs of the society have been victimized to COVID19 and left many others in worry for themselves, Economy is the biggest victim to this intruding virus and has got a very high slump all across the globe because ‘People‘ is the main essence of it and they are currently in an endangered zone. The loss is at such a level that it cannot be described in words especially for them who have lost there loved ones in this battle.

This is a life teaching lesson for the people from where this virus has been originated that ‘never take the lives of the innocent animals or birds just for the pleasure of your tongue’.

Nature has been very kind to us and lets not give the wounds to it which would later leave scars on it. In this 21 days lockdown, We have given the much needed space and time for the nature to heal itself and Us. The solidarity is in staying at home, social distancing and dedicatedly follow the precautionary measures suggested by our real life soldiers like Doctors and people who are in this battlefield for us.

There have been instances where we as humans shown the highest level of brutality to the animals who cannot even speak/express their agony but we show our ferocious expressions by killing them and enjoying that taste only till it goes in our gut.

Let there be a standstill to the consumption of animals so that they can also enjoy this beautiful world on our journey of life!!!!